1.         Can I be a Volunteer?

Yes, we are always looking for people who will volunteer with us as we do our projects. So far, we have a team of volunteers that run our activities and it would be great to have more people who can contribute their time and skills for our children. In this way, they can be more involved in our activities and enjoy our programs.

  1.         Do you have summer activities for kids?

As of now, we have discontinued our summer activities due to limited funding. But we are working on it so we can bring them back soonest. As soon as we have secured a more consistent funding and support, we will be able to relaunch this program again so your kids can join us every summer on our programs.

  1.         As a teacher, do you provide resources for us?

If you are a member of our site, just let us know that you are a teacher too by giving us a copy of your ID, and your credentials. Then we will give you special access to our resources only for teachers that you can use in your own classrooms especially to those that find it difficult to find materials of their own.

  1.         What can I get as a member?

As a member of our site, you will have the opportunity to enjoy different perks and exclusive information on the news of our organization and possible future events. Some of those events are invitation only so as a member, you will automatically qualify for the invite making you one of the special people who can attend our events.

  1.         Who should I contact for donation?

Just use the contact button below if you want to donate to our cause, it is important that you let us know first of your intention before giving out any financial support because we also need to review the source of funds for tax and legal purposes. If everything will be cleared, then our team will give you a go signal.

  1.         Do you have non-academic programs?

Yes, we sometimes hold sports programs in coordination with other foundations who focus on this kind of events. We normally partner with schools and provide them with the necessary equipment, tools, and space so they can conduct their sports programs without any glitches.

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