An Educator’s Journey

Being a teacher is not only challenging. It is also filled with sacrifices. There are moments that a teacher will definitely question why he or she chose this path when there are a lot of other choices that you can actually choose. That is why this profession is not for those with doubts in their hearts.

But when you are able to conquer all those doubts and fears, you will actually have an opportunity to do something better, something bigger than yourself. You will have the opportunity to become a change maker that this society desperately needs. You will be in the forefront of creating a better future.

The Journey of a Teacher

Every teacher starts with an idealistic mindset. You have this immeasurable energy that you want to spend. You are filled with enthusiasm everyday because you feel that you are doing the right thing. You are always happy to see the faces of your students because you know that you are helping them achieve their dreams.

And then the reality will hit you hard. Every single day, you will discover problems after problems. You will spot the things that make your teaching challenging. You will soon find out that you need to sacrifice not only your money but also your time to be effective.

And then, sometimes, your students will fail you. They are not as fast as you want them to be. They are not as kind as you want them to be. Soon, your happy thoughts about them will be turned into endless rants. You will start complaining about the choices that you made.

That’s when you’ll learn to adapt. That’s when you can make the decision whether to push through or to back out. You will have to decide for yourself if your passion is enough to fuel your continuous journey. When you make a decision, there is no more turning back.

And for those who chose to stay despite the seemingly endless challenge, they are the ones also experiencing the different kind of fulfillment that you receive whenever you are helping a child graduate. And when you see them succeed later on, there is no better feeling than that.

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